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Lord, thank you for a fruitful weekend. Thank you always guiding me and protecting me in all my endeavors. Please Lord, guide me as I study for my ACET that I may take the time seriously. Amen



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Dear God, please help us in our math class today that I may remember all the basics and all that I have learned so far. Guide me that my equations would be correct and that I may have confidence in answering everything. Amen


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Thank you god for this day. I hope that this day may be very very productive and that I may accomplish all of the things i have to do and study. Amen.


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Dear Lord, please help me in my math test later. Help me that I may be able to remember everything that I have learned and all that I need to know. And that I may use my basic knowledge to answer even the most complexed questions.

Many times the world has come in conflict between religious reasoning and the scientific reasoning. Though each have their own pros and cons, eventually, one would weigh heavier than the other.

In my opinion, religious reasoning is always adjacent with God, and the fact that it is the good or the better good. They can give hope (even false hope), a philosophical meaning to almost everything and an easier way of how things are to be. In the event of a miss fortune, reflections and prayer would always seem to optimize the believer and encourage oneself to keep calm, carry on continue doing good. 

But in contrast to the scientific or artistic belief, religious and moral reasoning fail to prove the evident truth. In contradiction to the scientific belief of the existence of a supreme being erases the first rule of a religion of the existence of a God. There is no argument to know which is good or which is bad, but to do the bad in order for the abrupt good or for ones welfare.

The scientific process of reason would focus on the present. What we understand about the world and make the universe smaller as we continue to understand it. But the knowledge of no afterlife or no meaning would often terrify the believer. This, without doubt, is the inevitable and probably the reason for the belief of a god. 



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Thank you for for giving me another day. Thank for my upcoming graduation as an NCO. Please guide me that I may still have the strength to carry out my tasks and duties for the week. Guide me always and protect me from harm. Please help me also to get well from my illness. Amen.


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Lord, thank you for having this day. Thank you everything. Thank you for making me feel better since I was sick lats night amen