QuickWrite: My Punishment

Posted: June 30, 2011 in English

It was the day after New Year. My cousins were still at my house. It was only 4 days left until school starts again and our christmas vacation would be over. We wanted to have as much fun as we can so this vacation would be memorable. So we gathered all the left over firecrackers we could find and that could still work. We wanted to blow them up again but we figured that it would be useless since it was day time and we would have much fun. So we just roamed around the street trying to figure out what to do. Then we spotted a group of mice that was getting food in the neighbor’s trashcan. We thought of trying to fire our fireworks towards them, but we figured that it would the scare the mice thus losing our fun and wasting our firecrackers. So my cousin got a large bucket of empty Boysen paint and filled it with the left overs from our Noche Buena last night. I knew instantly what he wanted to do. He started to fill up the can with fireworks. As I helped, I spotted more mice that was going nearer to the trash bin as a mouse ripped open a garbage bag full of food. Then we got the firecracker with the longest fuse string that could be lit about 5 inches away from the can. Then I placed the most smelliest food I could find on top of the firecrackers (with the fusing coming out to be lit). Then, we placed alcohol on the firecrackers and finished the bottle. We feared that the mice might not eat the food, but to our surprise, 3 mice gathered on the ledge in the can and started to eat. My cousin hurriedly got the lit wooden stick and set the fuse on. In less than 2 seconds the can exploded with continuous explosions while my cousin and I hid for cover. After a minute of silence, we emerged from a neighbor’s car and looked at the casualties that we made. The street was full of smoke, I couldn’t see the ground and it was like I was in a horror film. Garbage littered the entire seen as my cousin and I walked to the point of explosion. My heart sank when I couldn’t find the can of paint anywhere. Then my cousin spotted parts of it, everywhere. As I was walking towards it, I spotted several parts of rats. We hit more than what we expected. Guts  littered everywhere near the part where we placed the can. Instantly, one of the patrol guards came to where we are then scolded us. He contacted our parents and as our punishment, we had to clean our mess and got grounded for the week. Still, it was one of the best things I’ve done in my life.


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