QuickWrite#2: Sent Home

Posted: July 1, 2011 in English

I was in 5th grade. The day was so long and I didn’t get to sleep last night. My neighbor had a party and their music was achingly loud. It was the first subject in school and my eyes were getting so heavy. I had a thermometer at my bag and got it out. I had a plan; to skip school and go home, and get my beauty sleep. At recess I ate Mami that was newly cooked so my breath would be warm. I placed the thermometer in my mouth and wait for the beep sign to go on. It showed I had 39’c. Then I started to rub my eyes really hard so it would turn red. Then I kept drinking plenty of water and jumping up and down and turning around with my eyes closed. 10 minutes later I was running to the comfort room and vomited on the toilet. I then had a fever and went to the infirmary. I was sent home as expected but then I wasn’t feeling well. I started feeling worse than before. I started to get diarrhea and kept feeling dizzy. After 2 days in bed, I was able to go to school. Turns out I missed so many things that I had a hell week copping up with the lesson. After that day, never did I ever did it again.


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