SOP Reflection #1

Posted: January 15, 2012 in SOP Reflection

Last Saturday, January 7, we went to Boys Town. At first I felt a little sad and disappointed because we wanted to go to Kythe but then there was a disease outbreak so we couldn’t push through. It was a little disheartening because we wanted to meet sick children and be able to bond with them. But, sadly, it was just not possible. We were then assigned to Boys Town. It made me feel a little shy and a little quiet since I wasn’t expecting this. But then, towards the end of the day we had one of the best days and the highlight of the week.

First, we had to carpool with most of my friends he was on the way there. When we arrived, we were placed in a meeting place where we had a general introduction. Then, we were assigned to a cottage where we would be taking care of 15 children from age 6 to 15. Then we started the introduction with a game called speed dating; wherein we would form 2 circles. The bigger circle (which is us), would be encircling the smaller circle (which were the kids). Then we would go around, being able to talk to each of the kids and interviewing them and getting to know them personally. Then, we asked them to tour us around the compound. While we they were touring us, we spotted a field that was meant for playing outdoor sports. So we borrowed a football from a different group and we started to play american football without the tackling and just the running and the passing. The game ended with the Boys Town scoring 4 touchdowns and us scoring 0. We then headed back to the cottage to hand out food (chips) and drinks (zestos). We didn’t really talk much since we were very tired and just wanted to rest.

I didn’t expect to have this much fun. I was really surprised that day that a really looked forward to meeting them again. Even though we didn’t get to know them that much, I was determined to do so in the following weeks.


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