SOP Reflection #2

Posted: January 15, 2012 in SOP Reflection

The second saturday was a blast. Not only did I get to know them better, I was able to blend in, and make them feel more comfortable to the extent that we were not treated like guests, but as new friends. They were not shy anymore and they were looking forward to bonding with us.

The day started when we picked up the people in my group who were on the way to Boys Town. Then when we entered the village, we were introduced to 2 more new children. They looked shy at first, but then when they saw the other children just being “cool”, the tension broke away.

We started by assigning buddy systems. Since it was not an equal ratio, 3 of us had to get 2 partners. My partner was named Jerome. He looked like those badass kids that wore “Bling Blings” on their necks. But then, he was a kind and shy person. He didn’t talk much to us and even the other kids. It was quite a challenge trying to get to know his background and trying to get comfortable with him.

After the buddy system, we went out of the cottage and into the playing area. There, we brought a basketball with us and headed to the court. But then there was children playing so we didn’t bother to interfere. I also lost my partner and found him talking to a different group of kids. I assumed that he was separated from his friends.

I then came across a kid named Randal. I wanted to have fun, so I kept calling him Gandalf (a cast from Lord of the Rings) and he even thought it was cool. We strolled around and I talked to him and his best friend. We went around the track and field and he told me about himself and about the place. We kept talking and I was giving him math questions since he liked math. I asked him the basic stuff like: 1+1 or 2+2 and then just kept making it complicated until he gave up. I then asked him how long he stayed in Boys Town and said it was his second year. He then was invited by his friends to play so he skidded off. I was left with Rapha and finished the end of the tracks when, in good timing, the basketball courts were available.

We split the groups into two: the more nerdy people played Monopoly deal with their partners and the rest(including me) played basketball. We split the teams into Boys Town vs Xavier. But it would be unfair since we were bigger. So I chose to be on their side, and 2 boys from Boys Town would be in Xavier. To my surprise, we were winning because our chemistry was so high. It was almost like we could read each others mind. We were beating them with a score: 7-0 when more people joined in. Then we were losing: 9-7 when Enzo Arceo joined. His might and body size gave confidence to my team. We won the game with 10-0.

We went back to the cottage to refresh ourselves and eat. On the way back, I came across Randal and we talked. We were watching the goats grazing on the field. Then I asked him if he ever ate one, he said no, but he drank their milk. Then he said something surprising. He told me that he used to eat dog meat. I was so shocked the I had to ask him once more to see if I heard him right. He said that when he didn’t have “ulam”, they would cook dogs from the street and eat. I was so shocked that they would eat anything just to gain the nourishment they need.

We ended the day by a dance number by Jyro Go and he even thought the kids how to “Dougie” and how to dance LMFAO style. It was such a fun experience and also a very productive one. I also gained a lot of insights and earned myself to be more closer to them.


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