SOP Reflection #3

Posted: February 2, 2012 in SOP Reflection

I was really looking forward to my 3rd day at Boys Town. I slept over at Jared’s so that we would leave really early. This time, we assigned Jyro Go to bring the food. We didn’t trust him. We expected the worst. So we arrived at the place and walked towards the cottage. To our surprise, we were the only ones there. None of my group mates except the ones I went with (Jared Kuo, Raphael Lao, and Brandon Lim) were there. We then saw Andrew Lu wandering around the compound, we then asked him where everyone was, he told us that he was the only one there and no one else.

We proceeded to the cottage because we know that they were waiting for us and we could not delay any longer. We got in, and introduced ourselves inside. We asked them what they wanted to do, and they said that they wanted to play outside. So we went out and in the nick of time, Mrs. Cabanos and the rest of the group was there. So we all proceeded to the oval and looked for something to do. Most of my group mates found a plant with leaves that look like a tip of asparagus  and it sticks on clothing. It was very fun to play with. We were chasing each other throwing these leaves on each other.

While running, my partner, Randal, stumbled upon a worn out frisbee. So he picked it up and showed it to me. We then played a little frisbee with everyone. It was kinda hard to catch since there was a crack in it and it was quite wet.

We then headed back into the cottage because we were all tired. On the way, we remembered that Jyro didn’t bring his food, so we had to order from Mc Donalds. Then when we rested, we found a medium size rubber ball. So we decided to play a game of koosche ball with it. It was Boys Town vs Xaverians. We had so much fun and laughter that we never wanted to leave until we were so exhausted.

We said our quick goodbye’s and left. I would say that even though there were so many things that went wrong, this would be a better day than the rest. We learned many new things, especially that plant which I never knew that existed.


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