SOP Reflection #4

Posted: February 2, 2012 in SOP Reflection

This was our last day in Boys Town and it wasn’t turning quite how it was planned. We were each had to bring food that would be just enough for them, but then, only a few had brought. We had nothing in stored for them. No one had a performance, no one came up with games.

We arrived there in Boys Town early. We then went inside the cottage and prepared our food in the table. Only 2 of us brought a bucket of chicken containing 8 pieces each. 1 brought a container of spaghetti. 2 brought Yum burgers from Jollibee (which was the most plentiful) and only 1 brought Zesto’s.

We started chatting while eating and talking about college and other things that interested us. Our Boys Town mates were still too busy eating so we just conversed within ourselves.

We didn’t know what to do anymore, so we just used a laptop and made them watch a movie. All the kids gathered around Jyro’s Laptop and watched. The rest of us just either stayed inside and watched the movie, the others went outside to chill.

We ended the day with really short goodbye’s. We also gave them pillows each and left the left over food with them. In my opinion, this meeting most likely would have been the least meaningful of them. I hope that the previous encounters would have compensated with these.


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